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Allow Me to Guide You to a Happier, Healthier Life!

 My own journey to finding the perfect lifestyle for me gave me insight  into the many challenges we all encounter in life. With my experience, education, and my devotion to others I am able to bring a higher level of empathy, respect, and understanding as your guide.

Whether you want to lose weight, need a coach to reach your goals, or  if feel you like you're at the end of your rope, I also provide individual psychotherapy. In other words, I am here for you. The Happiness Guide program assists those ready to give up on ever keeping weight off for the long term. The principles are designed to help everyone in any situation. 

I've been where you are; lose, gain, lose, gain. It is a lonely place. Finally I gave up on diets because I knew adding sweet snacks made no sense. That only trains us to eat more sweets when the diet ends. It was then that I found a way to help myself, my way. Reviewing years of academic scientific journals my hunches were confirmed.  I've boiled down all that I learned into seven steps. Follow along, taking one step at a time to slowly gain control over your daily life. With the ability to manage your life your way, you'll find your way is really the best for you.                         


Just Imagine...

how much lighter you would feel if you were free from thinking about food; about what to eat, about when to eat, or how many calories and carbs you're eating, which is exhausting, What if you were also free from fear, clutter, debt, and self-doubt? 

                         Then set yourself free from 

                                      ever dieting again and 

                                                 still lose weight that is long-lasting!                                                                                


My professional and personal experiences allow me to provide you with the tools and methods you need to achieve your dreams.                                                                                                                           


    "Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

            Always remember you have within you the

                   strength, the patience, and the passion to

                            reach for the stars to change the world".

What to Expect

You Can Make a Difference in the World!

Because Your Happiness Guide is a  revolutionary idea for long-term                                      weight loss you can reach for the stars and be the one gets it started. This program sets the course you want for yourself, for the rest of your life, even if you have no weight to lose. The secret ingredient to lasting success is making yourself happy daily. As you follow Your Happiness Guide you learn that lots of little moments of  happy are more stable, stronger, and continue to grow. You'll be happy and content everyday, no matter what else happens. As you go along, you also are providing a role model for your friends and loved ones to achieve the same.                                                                                     

Stop Dieting and Enjoy Long-Lasting Weight Loss

Though weight loss is never easy, it is even more discouraging when all the weight loss programs out there fail you, by not giving you adequate information on how to keep off the weight you just lost. In other words, you did not fail, the diet failed you. Before you start trying lose weight, you start by changing your lifestyle. Weight loss books and programs ask you not to use your common sense. For instance, how can anyone lose weight by adding sweet snacks to your day? When you do the same thing over and over it gets  permanently wired in your brain. Your brain becomes programed to want sweets.

Get started today! What do you have to lose?

 Your Happiness Guide is a step by step, year long program, with four 12 week phases, to empower you to plot the path for your life and                       success. No one knows you like you know you so it makes more sense for you to design the lifestyle that works for you. As you come to know and trust yourself more deeply, designing a lifestyle to support your  health and happiness will fit you perfectly.  For something as complicated and important as changing your life, there cannot be a "one-size-fits-all" mindset.                                                           

Reading the blog will allow you to move at your own slow pace to achieve success. The blogs are in order from first to last and it is  important you read them all in order.  I encourage you to ask questions or comment any time. I'll send a personal reply just for you.  Remember, I am here for you!                                                       

Read the weekly blogs and you're on your way!

Each blog post will include stories about the places I failed and succeeded, along with summarized  academic research results related to overeating and the obesity epidemic. Most importantly it will provide the things the diet industry does not want you to know. The resources for the research articles will be included so you can read the original study if you like.  There also will be...  

  1.  Excerpts from my book, Slow Down and  Lighten Up, to use as a guide throughout the process.                                                                 
  2. Weekly inspirational quotes to keep you energized and focused.                                         
  3.  Respect and  support.   
  4. The blogs are in order from the beginning.                                                        

Join an online class with others on the same path


 To join a class you can register by sending an email to morgain@yourhappinessguide.com with your name, address, phone number, and email address. I'll send you a short questionnaire and consent form you can answer and e-sign online. 


 When you join a class you'll receive a Your Happiness Guide Journal, as well as a  schedule of classes to choose from,  a recommended reading list, weekly homework assignments, and the study guide for each week. This is similar to school and what you learn will be yours forever. However, you cannot fail these classes.


 First, your desire to be healthy and happy is required. My goal is to provide personal access to me and others in the class to provide all the support you want. I have kept the classes financially accessible at $60/month, payable online using various methods of payment. Please contact me by email if you have questions. I look forward to meeting you! 

Phase One of Your Happiness Guide: Slow Down

One of the first things I learned is that since the 1960's the percentage of people who     were obese went from 11% to more than 60% in 2016. As I read and learned more about how it happened, I discovered diets cause weight gain and nothing has changed a that   there is no end to the growing problem of overeating. You and I can make some               dramatic changes in the way...                                                                                                             

                                   we live our life, for the world to see.                                               

Your Happiness Guide and Blog


Steps to your happiness.

The Your Happiness Guide is designed to helps you overcome the underlying reasons for overeating. It is not the food that causes obesity, overeating cause obesity. It also provides help with achieving any goals, as well as providing support for more serious difficulties.

The beginning of your journey.

To begin the journey you must be passionate about your desire for a healthier and happier lifestyle. A lifestyle that frees you from burdens that weigh you down psychologically, emotionally, and physically.

Share your passion with friends and loved ones.

Passion is required for "starting over" and because no one will tell you what to do, with weight loss or anxiety. You'll begin by building a sound foundation of knowledge, resilience, and confidence to make the future more manageable. If you want to lose weight and keep it off this is the guide. You already know how to lose weight and have practiced it long enough to write your own diet book. The problem is not losing the weight but not gaining it back.

Climbing out of the hole.

It is more and more newsworthy that our culture has been conditioned to move fast and faster, as if on a hamster wheel. Diets even tell you to lose weight fast (more about the consequences later). Take a moment and think about what you look forward to everyday, all day long.The end of the day so you can relax! As you've discovered, going fast does not allow you to get more done, it allows you to add more to your "to do" list. Why not start your day more relaxed?

Step 1.

First on the list is to Slow Down, starting with eating more slowly. Do not be afraid of not accomplishing all on your list if you slow down. By slowing down you will actually be able to accomplish more, better. The next step will contribute to slowing down.

Step 2.

Eliminate your excess and lighten up, especially the burdens and the "stuff" you've accumulated over the years that you do even know you still have. When it comes to losing weight, the most difficult thing to eliminate will be your Diet Brain. What is Diet Brain? It is the permanent brain cells path in your brain telling you minute by minute to stop eating and ultimately leaves you feeling like a failure. There is no joy there. 

By Step 4 you will notice you've lost a few pounds, naturally. You'll also feel smarter and more relaxed at the start of your day. Going on the Happiness journey also begins the process of rewiring your Diet Brain and learning how to stay healthy and happy for a lifetime. And this is just the beginning!

                                 "The greatest discovery of my generation 

                             (baby boomers) is that human beings can alter 

                                their lives by altering their attitudes of mind". 

                                                                                William James 

The Happiness Guide and Blog

What You Don't Learn in Diet Books May Kill You


Ways in which dieting can be harmful:

  • Rapid weight loss ultimately causes  overeating (Ludwig, et al, 2012; Proietto et al, 2001). It puts your body into starvation mode so when you go back to eating normally your body stores the fat to prepare for starvation situations, (Kessler, 2009, pp. 23). 
  • Rapid weight loss alters brain hormones, ghrelin and leptin, in the brain for over a year after ending the diet.
  •  No diet is sustainable for a lifetime.  If dieting worked  there would be a  bunch of skinny people walking around"   Dr. David Katz
  • Obesity is the second highest cause of death, second only        tobacco (Centers for Disease Control). 
  • Sixty-seven percent of nutritional "facts" in diet books are not supported by any peer-reviewed academic research (Wansink, 2006, pp. 221).  It may as well be made up.                                       


Diet Brain: Unavoidable and Not Easy to Rewire


Diet Brain occurs by hearing and learning how to lose weight everyday over the past 50 years. It is much the same as brainwashing because you don't know that  repetition becomes permanently wired in your brain. Think about all the commercials you see and hear everyday, especially the ones about the "best" diet and how fast you can lose weight.

 Diet Brain is what happens over years of advertising and one diet plan after another. Information heard or read or experienced over and over becomes learned and automatically recalled, outside our consciousness. In other words, dieting trains your brain eat sweet snacks, avoid being hungry, and that there are good foods (broccoli) and bad food (bread). Even if you've never dieted it is impossible to avoid learning these rules.

If you pay attention to what you read and see on television or hear on the radio you'll see what I mean.

Diet Brain is the most difficult obstacle to permanent weight loss. Imagine eating with no rules. Diet Brain also is the reason 95% of all diets fail within 2 -5 years (McGuire, M. T., et al, 1999).

Don't Blame Your Metabolism for Weight Gain


According to Mayo Clinic reports, "metabolism is a natural process and your body has multiple mechanisms to regulate your metabolism. One important factor is the impact on your environment and lifestyle, including sleep, physical activity, and stress. Weight gain is complicated and also influenced by genetic makeup, hormonal controls (like ghrelin and leptin), and the composition of food you eat."

Keep in mind there is a difference between burning fat and building muscle. You can burn fat by learning enjoyable and fun ways to move you body besides going to the gym to "exercise".  For example, dancing, walking, ping pong, swimming, or even hopscotch to the car! 

It is most important to build muscle so you can continue doing those activities you enjoy. Building muscle also keeps your bones strong and heart strong. 

              Change always comes

                     bearing gifts!

                    Price Pritchett                     

The Current Culture is Guilty


  • Restaurants serve enough food in one dish to feed a family of four (Kessler, 2009, pp. 60).
  • Everywhere you go has a place to get food; food courts, kiosks in airports, and even bookstores.
  • Food industry laces food with extra salt, sugar, and fat to make you want more (Kessler, 2009, pp.60)
  • Today it is not unusual to see people eating while driving, walking down the street and all over airports.
  • Media is normalizing obesity in television commercials and programs, as well as movies, print media, and the internet.

Lilly Tomlin : "For fast relief, slow down"


All of this information is like fuel to get you started and keep you going on a new path. It tells you why you never actually lose weight and how to keep it off.

No one is going to starve. Feeling hungry is natural and is just telling you to eat soon. It does not tell you to everything until you cannot eat another bite. The best way to learn that is to slow down your eating, taking one bite at a time.

Obesity is preventable and reversible. It is time to take your health into your own hands and forget dieting forever. 

The Story of Hunger


Before there was mass produced and packaged food at the tip of your fingers, there were hunter-gatherers traveling to find food to eat. That changed when a seed of grain made it into low enough elevations to find roots and grow. People gathered together in small villages to trade goods and food. The food was always fresh from the fields. 

However, soon after the industrial revolution food production moved from farm fresh to massed produced, processed, and packaged to make you want one more (think of the ads for Lays potato chips, "you can't eat just one").  Fresh food became processed food and family meals turned into take out or eat out. Then the rate of overweight and obese individuals increased exponentially. Hunger, it seems, is a thing of the past and something we cannot live without.

Your Happiness Guide and Blog



Mindfulness is a method of giving your brain a rest. To do this you must slow down and take five minutes to learn how to practice mindfulness. There are probably other activities you do that take five minutes. No need to replace that activity just add 5 more minutes somewhere in your day. It will be worth more than anything you value. You are learning to take care of yourself, little by little.

Why Mindfulness


It is the only way to clear your mind and attend more closely what you are doing. Over time, with regular daily periods of mindfulness,  you will be able to be more self aware and notice when your mind goes to thoughts about food or food restriction.

It also will bring more focus and meaning to  praying.

Apps To Guide You


For the purpose of rewiring your brain these are the ones I recommend and they can be found in the app store:


Insight Timer

Try them both and use the one you find that fits you. Then set aside at least three minutes to begin with and give a try. You cannot do it wrong.

An Excerpt from Slow Down and Lighten Up


  Mindfulness is a method of giving your brain a rest. To do this you must slow down and take five minutes to learn and practice mindfulness. There are probably other activities you do that take five minutes. No need to replace that activity just add 5 more minutes somewhere in your day. It will be worth more than anything you value. You are learning to take care of yourself, little by little.

It is the only way to clear your mind and attend more closely to what you are doing. Over time, with regular daily periods of mindfulness, you will be more self aware and notice when your mind goes to thoughts about food or food restriction and redirect your thoughts to something in your present environment.


It also will bring more meaning to your life and your prayers.

More Big News About Mindfulness


An excerpt: Mindfulness and Meditation are synonymous and it does not matter which word you choose. "Regular daily practice 5 minutes a day, over time heals your body, mind, and spirit. You become more self aware allowing new insights and ideas to come to your mind. It also will allow you to accept yourself, as you are today. Below is a list of other benefits found from academic research by Daniel Siegel (2010).

· Make stronger personal connections

· Stabilize your emotions                              · Provide space for you to think before       you speak                                             

· Dilute your fears                                 

 ·  Concentrate your abilities for     empathy, insight, morality, and intuition


Mindfulness Everyday Has Long Lasting Benefits


Other neuroscientific research by Dr. Richard Davidson and Begley (2012) found additional benefits.

· Increase compassion for yourself and other

· Rejuvenate key areas of your brain

· Find relief from stress and prevent depression and anxiety

· Deal with tragedy                              

·  Strengthen your immune system   

· Live longer and feel younger         

· Find your personal beliefs,             

uncluttered by the opinion           

of others                                                           

 · Find happiness      

Find a place you can sit comfortably and give it a try.                             

Coming Up, Tools for Making Changes

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about how to achieve and maintain happiness. I hope you're enjoying the site and take a moment to drop me a line. 

Come back next week!


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