Author: morgainhall

Phase One: Slow Down

There are 3 obstacles to long-lasting weight loss. Fast Life – the never ending “to do” list and no time to finish any. Fast Food – necessary when living a fast life. Fast Weight Loss – the only way you know. Diet Brain is what comes from your life...
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Simplify. Succeed. Surprise.

Your Happiness Guide is a revolutionary idea for long-term weight loss. Even if you have no weigh to lose, the program will allow you to set the course you want for yourself for the rest of your life. The secret ingredient is happiness and contentment. Your Happiness Guide is...
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Welcome to Freedom!

Imagine how you would feel if you were free from thinking about food, about what to eat, about when to eat, or how many calories and carbs you’re eating. What if you were also free from guilt, fear, shame, clutter, and self-doubt? I am willing to guess you would...
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